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Dos and Don’ts of Hoarding Cleanup

Whether you’re struggling with hoarding in your own home or watching a loved one suffer, the thought of hoarding cleanup can make you feel like you’re drowning. You might not know where or how to start the process. Hoarding cleanup isn’t just a matter of organizing a space. You have to consider the problem from several different angles to make sure the cleanup stays permanent. Before you begin your hoarding cleanup, here are some critical dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do: Plan Ahead

Don’t walk into hoarding cleanup job without a plan. If you think you can just “wing it,” you will more than likely get overwhelmed and lose focus. Instead, start by taking a good look at the home or storage space that needs the cleanup. Next, develop your strategy. Are you going to clean the area in sections, or will you tackle one category at a time? There is no right or wrong approach here. Just pick the method that will work best for you and the space. Purchase any supplies you’ll need ahead of time. Make a list if that will help you. Once you’ve made a plan, you can accomplish your hoarding cleanup much faster than if you hadn’t planned ahead.

Don’t: Judge

This applies especially to those of you who are helping friends or family members with hoarding cleanup. If your loved one has approached you for help, or if you’ve realized that there’s a problem, it’s essential for you to understand that hoarding is a mental health problem. Your loved one isn’t simply stubborn and disorganized. He or she has an issue that stems from intense anxiety. Instead of judging, approach the situation with compassion.

Don’t: Save It for Later

That said, hoarding cleanup should happen sooner rather than later. If you’re living in a space that is overflowing with possessions, you’re dealing with all sorts of health hazards. On the physical side, hoarding comes with a risk of tripping and falling. Your home might also have mold in hard to reach places because of items that gather moisture. On the mental side, hoarding only makes anxiety worse in the long run, and the shame and stigma add to social isolation. The faster you start the cleanup process, the healthier you make your environment for your mind and your body.

Do: Involve a Third-party

Getting help from friends and family is an excellent first step to recovery, but it’s also a great idea to involve a third party. If you’re cleaning your own home or a loved one’s home, you might find it hard to stay objective. A third-party cleaning crew will be able to look at your home with fresh eyes. They’ll be able to develop a strategy quickly and get to work right away.

If you’re looking for help with hoarding cleanup, look no further. MD Hoarding Cleanup specializes in just that. We offer quick and safe help with no judgment. Contact us today if you’re ready to take back your life.

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