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Emergency Hoarding Cleanup

If you have identified a hoarding problem in the home of a loved one, it is imperative that you act quickly to clear and clean the area before serious health risks arise. If a serious health risk has already developed, you need to contact health professionals. To begin the process of cleanup, contact us at Fast Hoarding Cleanup. We specialize in emergency hoarding cleanup, taking the time needed to recover valuable items, remove all waste items, and sanitize the space.

If you believe that a loved is suffering from the effects of hoarding, don’t wait to seek professional help. Call now.

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What’s Involved in Emergency Hoarding Cleanup?

The emergency cleanup of a hoarding situation can seem devastating to all involved, especially for the hoarder. They will experience anxiety simply from the suggestion that their items be removed or sanitized. We understand the time constraints often posed on hoarding situations, as well as the sensitivity of the issue. Below is a list of the steps involved in emergency hoarding cleanup:

Sorting and Recovery

This is the inventory step. We collect and catalog all valuable items to ensure that they remain safe and secure. We take our time to sort through piles searching items that indeed are a treasure.


Removal is the process of taking items from a hoarder’s home. The type of removal depends on the items found in the home. If hazardous waste is involved, then we take the necessary precautions to remove it safely. We use our extensive knowledge of hoarding to properly dispose of all items in the emergency hoarding cleanup process.


Once we have inventoried or removed all items, then a deep cleaning is required. The extent of the cleanup is dependent on the items hoarded and how long the individual kept them. For example, if a person hoarded animals over an extended period, it would take an extensive amount of cleaning to return the space to livable conditions properly. At Fast Hoarding Cleanup, we understand the health risks involved with this type of situation, and we use only the best practices to completely clean and sanitize the home.

In an emergency situation, it is likely that the home is in such disarray that emergency hoarding cleanup is a necessity. At Fast Hoarding Cleanup, we are here to help, especially in emergency situations. We work to get the items sorted, removed, and the area cleaned. Once the decision has been made to intervene, it is important to conduct a smooth and prompt process. Let us handle the mess so you can care for your loved one.

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