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Types Of Hoarding

The different types of hoarding require different types of cleanup. In any situation, cleanup will involve three steps: recovery, removal, and sanitation. The severity of each step can differ depending on the type of hoarding involved.




If you believe that a loved is suffering from the effects of hoarding, don’t wait to seek professional help. Call now.

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Food Hoarding

Cleanup of food comes down to the type of food hoarded. Packaged food can be distributed to various food banks or organizations, depending on expiration dates of the items. If hoarding involves prepared food, however, everything needs to be trashed, packaged appropriately, and removed. The latter could also require extensive sanitation to protect from mold and other biological health risks.

Paper Hoarding

Because of its nature, it is possible in the cleanup of paper hoarding to recycle a majority of the items found. As with any situation, a careful inventory will need to be taken to verify that all papers are disposable. Sometimes other paper items such as wills and money can make their way into the stacks. Depending on the situation, there may or may not be a need for deep cleaning once things are removed. If pests or their droppings are found, deep cleaning is imperative.

Shopping Hoarding

Cleaning a home with this type of hoarder could be the most time-consuming. There are a few options to consider at the beginning. Items could be donated to local shelters or thrift stores. In some cases, families could ask to return or resale the items. A careful inventory and evaluation process has to be followed. The removal is dependant on that decision. Sanitation may not be a necessity, in this case.

If you believe that a loved is suffering from the effects of hoarding,
don’t wait to seek professional help. Call now.

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Garbage Hoarding

Garbage hoarding cleanup is dependant upon the situation. Garbage already placed in bags can typically be removed and taken to a local landfill. However, garbage left in piles throughout the home is going to require a lot of recovery effort to make sure it is actually garbage. Sanitation after the removal will be vastly necessary in this case.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is likely the most difficult to clean up. No matter what the situation, animal services have to be contacted to assist in the cleanup. Because they are living creatures, great care has to be taken in how they are removed from the home and dispersed. There is always an emotional attachment to this type of hoarding that can create great strife. Once the removal is taken care of, sanitation is imperative. It will likely take an extensive amount of time to sanitize and fully clean the affected area.

Cleanup of a hoarding household will take immediacy, attention to detail, and a personal approach. Every hoarding situation is different and must be likewise addressed. Taking this type of approach makes resolution of a difficult situation much easier.

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