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Understanding the Hoarder

Learning that close family member or loved one is suffering with hoarding, can be overwhelming. It’s important to understand hoarding and all it entails. At Fast Hoarding Cleanup, we specialize in helping hoarders and their families. We understand that hoarding is more than laziness or clutter; it’s a pattern of compulsive behavior that requires specialized help.

If you believe that a loved is suffering from the effects of hoarding, don’t wait to seek professional help. Call now.

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Understanding the Behavior

Understanding the psychology behind compulsivity may help to explain why a person has gotten to the stage that they are in. Consider the following questions:

  • Does it affect the day-to-day life of the person?
  • Is it a health and safety risk?
  • Do they see it as a problem?
  • Do they give you reasons behind their behavior?

Answering these questions will give you some insight into the mind of the loved one that hoards. Once you have some of these answers, you will want to seek professional help to begin the cleanup process. Fast Hoarding Cleanup will be there to help you in this process.

Sources of the Problem: Psychological

Some psychologists theorize that the behavior stems from cognitive-behavioral factors. Modern theories suggest a deficit in processing information in the brain, a desire to avoid a particular behavior, or a distorted belief as a result of some childhood trauma. The brain does not process the action rationally because there is an imbalance of information or experience that cannot be logically understood by an outside perspective.

Sources of the Problem: Biological

Alternatively, some professionals believe that there are biological issues at work as well. It could be that the imbalance in the brain is a chemical imbalance that only prescribed medication can help. This would likely present along with other symptoms.

Some even theorize that this behavior is a result of physical trauma, whether it’s the result of a physical injury or environmental. It could have occurred in early childhood or recent to the symptoms presenting themselves. They have even gone as far as performing brain imaging studies to connect this to hoarding behavior.

What to do Now

As with any mental issue, whether caused by chemical, biological, or cognitive imbalance, hoarding cannot be easily corrected, and the hoarder cannot be easily understood. A professional approach is needed. Before you begin the cleanup process, employ the help of professionals. At Fast Hoarding Cleanup, we specialize in assisting hoarding cleanup. We take time to understand the issues and work through the best solution for cleaning up the hoarded mess. Don’t try to go it alone; it will only leave you feeling overwhelmed. Contact us today to begin the necessary steps of cleanup.

If you believe that a loved is suffering from the effects of hoarding,
don’t wait to seek professional help. Call now.

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